Unicorn Dreams Scented Crystal Jar

Unicorn Dreams Scented Crystal Jar


50g Glass Jar with lid, full of Scented Crystals


What will it smell like?

A rich sumptuous musky floral fragrance with top notes of violet, ylang and pepper, supported by a middle note of rose, mimosa, lily, Jasmin, iris and freesia, resting on a base of powdery musk notes, Tonka, precious woods and orchid.


How to use Scented Crystals

Use them just like your wax melts, adding approx 1-2 teaspoons of the crystals to your wax burner and light an unscented tea light below or if you are using an electric burner all you need to do is flick the switch. Sit back and enjoy as the aromatic oils evaporate and fill your home with an amazing aroma.


How Long Can I Use Scented Crystals?
You’ll notice that the colour will fade from the crystals but don’t worry, as long as there’s fragrance coming from the granules – you can burn them again!
Once there’s no fragrance, simply throw the (cool) crystals away and add new ones to your burner.

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