Blueberry & Jasmine Snap Bar

Blueberry & Jasmine Snap Bar

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What does it smell like?

Our Blueberry and Jasmine Snap Bar is inspired by the well known laundry type fragrance of the same name. Our Blueberry and Jasmine Snap Bar is a fruity floral fragrance bursting with the enchanting scent of Blueberry and complemented with the sweet smell of Jasmine. If you like the smell of the similarly named laundry scent you will like this Blueberry & Jasmine Fragrance oil.


How to use our Snap Bars

Our Soy Wax Snap Bar pieces should provide you with at least 2-3 burns (Burns meaning, re-lit tea light sessions). All of our melts are compatible with electric or tea light burners. Snap off a piece or two of the bar and pop it in your burner. We recommend only using 1 unscented tea light beneath your burner as using more than one at a time is dangerous due to the burner overheating and as a result possibly shattering. Please only use up to a 4 hour burn time tea light candle as using longer can cause as stated above the burner to shatter. Never leave your wax melts burning in a room unattended and keep away from children and pets.

Keep away from draft areas and do not move the burner when lit.

For safety information, including what your wax melt contains, please see the product CLP label.